Strategic Advisory Group

The REAL Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) is a collective of volunteer leaders who represent the collective community in the planning and organization of educational programming, and networking events.

The current SAG has a collectively over 130 years of experience in FM, Real Estate and Construction, and have worked in a variety of business and roles through their careers.  Your SAG consists of authors, consultants, designers, engineers, and educators, just to name a few. We inentionally maintain a SAG that reflects broad stakeholder interests.

With this experience and background, you can be confident the SAG will understand your needs, but the SAG needs your input and suggestions.  Visit our on discussion forum on IFMA Engage, or reach out directly using the Contact Us page.

The SAG is members are appointed each year.  If you are interested in serving on the SAG, please let us know!

SAG members:

Joseph Poskie, MBA



James WarePh.D –




Diane Coles Levine, MCR




Nancy Sanquist, IFMA Fellow



Pat Turnbull, MA, LEED AP, IFMA Fellow