Building Better Business

Welcome to the Building Better Business blog where we’ll post tips and anecdotes to bolster general business and leadership skills.  Special focus will be on developing skill sets for leading multi-departmental teams to achieve better work environments.
  • Becoming More Persuasive

    by Mark Ellis

    Everyone can improve their skills at being persuasive.  Whether it’s getting support for a new idea, getting that raise you deserve, or ensuring your influence as a decision maker, keep these ideas in mind:

    *  When they think about persuasion, most people emphasize their own experiences too much, rather than depending on data or techniques

    *  A small gift or favor will make you more persuasive.  People will want to pay you back.

    *  The public believes in authority, so enlist higher-ups on your side.

    *  People want to be consistent and committed, so show how your proposal aligns with their values.

    *  Individuals want to be liked, so practice seeing the good in them.

    *  Fear paralyzes people, so use scare tactics only if you offer an antidote to fear.

    *  Admit your errors.  Demonstrating honesty increases your influence.

  • Negotiating Tips

    by Mark Ellis

    In the real estate world, regardless of your position, you will likely be needed to negotiate services, products, lease terms, or any other variety of scenarios.  When negotiating, remember some of these key points to aid you:

    *  An effective negotiator must be flexible and creative, have strong presence of mind, and remain aware of the other party’s emotional needs and mood.

    *  Every negotiation involves calculated learning, nimble adaptation, and the ability to have a positive influence on the other party.

    *  Always operate as if you don’t know everything…..because you don’t.

    *  A sound negotiation strategy can change on the fly and always have a definitive, if provisional, goal.

    *  During a negotiation, every factor evolves constantly, often in unexpected ways

    *  Conceptualize your desired end game.  Consider what steps and pathways will help you get there.

    *  Drop any expectations that prove inaccurate or unattainable

    *  All your words and actions should lead to your negotiation goal

    *  Understand the other party’s position on issues, even if you don’t agree.  Listen closely and derive the importance of each issue to them, both from a business and emotional standpoint.

    *  A well-negotiated settlement will leave both sides feeling like they didn’t get everything they wanted, but still feel that they can live with the settlement.

    *  Most of all, neither side should feel they were taken advantage of – remember that you will be doing business, and likely future negotiations, with the other party – winning at all costs will likely become a loss for you in the end.

  • Welcome to the Building Better Business Blog

    by Mark Ellis
    The Building Better Business blog will provide tips and anecdotes to bolster general business and leadership skills. Special focus will be on working with multiple stakeholders to achieve better work environments. Our first blog submissions are coming soon, so check back often.